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"The most famous artist in the world to work
with real butterflies and Lucite"
-New York Magazine

Marshall Hill is the most famous artist to work with real butterflies and Lucite.

During his travels in many countries around the world, he has visited various butterfly farms where breeding has been practiced for centuries. He has spent years studying these beautiful creatures and has subsequently become an expert on the subject on Entomology.

At Mariposa Gallery, he designed and mounted butterfly panels that have been purchased by, and displayed at, The Smithsonian Institute The American Museum of Natural History, Cartier, as well as many hotels, restaurants, motion pictures, television shows, commercial stores and private homes. His commissions are too numerous to mention.

Marshall Hill has studied Fine Arts and Advertising Design at The School of Visual Arts, Pratt Institute, The Phoenix Art Institute and was a student at The School for the Performing Arts. In addition to his interest in music and butterflies, he has designed more than 500 educational text books for secondary schools and colleges. Mr. Hill has always favored his participation in Theater and Music. But he continued to study art. He received his B.A., B.F.A., M.F.A., all while being an Equity Member and performing in The Theater for many years, before settling down to creating his works of art with butterflies!

When asked about his intentions, Mr Hill says, "Here at Mariposa Gallery, I have attempted to give many the opportunity to see and own butterflies as art. Butterflies that you might never, ever see at home!" Upon your experiencing these beautiful pieces, we're certain you will agree that Marshall Hill has been quite successful.

Marshall Hill has a blog in which he writes about his Metaphysical/Paranormal Experiences: ASTRALJUMP

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