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Made to order, these works of art are each one of a kind and no two are alike! View the masterpieces on this page as examples and general color palettes. Feel free to call or Email us and we will send you a quote. These colossal wall hangings can take two to six weeks to create, even more for international clients. Payment is due before work begins. All Murals are made up of panels which measure 18"x28"x3" each. We have a wide variety shown here, but custom orders are always welcome, no limit in size!

Spring I (18"x56"x3")

Jacunda (18"x56"x3")

Atlantis I (18"x56"x3")

Two-panel Mariposas (18"x56"x3")

Spring II (54"x28"x3")

Zalmoxis (54"x28"x3")

Atlantis II (54"x28"x3")

Africa (54"x28"x3")

Skybound (36"x56"x3")

Four-Panel Mariposas (36"x56"x3")

Philea (36"x56"x3")

Six-Panel Mariposas (36"x84"x3")

America ("84x36"x3")

Nine-Panel Mariposas ("84x36"x3")

Brasilian Nights (54"x84"x3")

Morpho Jucunda (54"x84"x3")

Twelve-Panel Mariposas (54"x112"x3")

*Note: When emailing an order please include the size as well as the name of the order.

Email us.

More Art
Super Cubes 7"x7"
11"x14" 18"x28"

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